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Welcome to the Healthier Insurance Group

A Healthier Approach to Protecting What Matters Most

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Our Experience

Healthier Insurance Group has a level of expertise clients absolutely need, to ensure the right information AND protection. Our overall industry knowledge and experience spans more than 30 years now, beginning in 1988.  We began, working with both the Private Sector and State entities to develop and implement the early digital processing systems and procedures - which are now commonplace. 

Seeing the marketplace challenges for individuals, families and even the self-employed, we changed our focus and attention to improving client experience and overcoming the challenges, to the best of our abilities. In 2009, we started building the agency.  In 2013, we introduced that agency to the American Public.

At Healthier Insurance Group we promise every client complete honesty and transparency. Our goal - our mission - is to provide guidance, education, advice and more, while letting you make all of the important decisions.  A healthier approach to helping you protect what really matters most.

Currently Serving:

*If residing in a State not currently being served, we still may be able to help. Contact us today to explore ALL of your options.

Our Approach

Our approach is really very simple. We focus all of our attention on our clients and their best interests, over anything else - always. Seems pretty simple, right?


We may talk and ask a lot of questions - but, we take the time to really listen, to get to know who it is we are helping. Health and life questions - plus what is most important to the client and  their families, today and for the future.

Following this, we search through every available carrier, to find the right policies and protection that best fit our clients needs, expectations and of course, budget. If the best option falls short or has gaps, we work diligently to fill those gaps with supplemental policy protection. Our goal is to give the most comprehensive protection possible that meets with your approval.

No high-pressure sales tactics. We aren't truly "sales people". We are your trusted Advisors with options and information. We leave the decision making up to you.

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Our Philanthropy

Healthier Insurance Group is a proud supporter of our United States Military and their families. It is very personal to us as we are a family-owned company and the military is part of our family.  We hope you will click on the links below and offer your support, too.  God bless the U.S.A.!

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