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Healthier Insurance Group

A healthier approach to protecting what matters most.

You Still Have Options

Welcome to The Healthier Insurance Group! We are so happy you have taken the time to visit.

Whether it is during the yearly enrollment periods or in between, we are still able to help. We offer all of the major carriers and plans, as well as alternatives most agents may not have access to. Rest assured we are here to make the entire insurance process easiest for you, from start to finish. Our mission is to provide the best protection and affordable rates. Don't wait. Let us help you explore ALL of your options.

Christopher G.  (OK)

“My Agent is highly skilled and knowledgeable. A true professional who obviously cares.  I wouldn't work with anyone else."

Anna K. (FL)

"Very happy with Healthier Insurance Group. In the last 8 years, our Agent always provides excellent service and made the process so easy and painless."

Mark G.  (MO)

“Very friendly and helpful. Always responds quickly. Showed me options I never knew were possible. My Agent is the best!”

Our Services

Healthier Insurance Makes Doctors Visits Less Stressful
Healthier Insurance Group Agents Protect You
Senior health and life insurance

Health     Life     Medicare    Accident     Illness     Short Term 
Medi-Share     Dental     Vision     Income Protection

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A Bit About Us

The Insurance Specialists

Healthier Insurance Group is much more than just an average Insurance Agency. First and foremost, we represent our clients and their best interests. We provide real options to choose from. We educate, advise and help facilitate the application and approval process.  It doesn't end there.  We remain your trusted Advisor for as long as you need us; at least, that's what we have done since 2013.

As a one-stop insurance brokerage - we provide access to ALL major insurance carriers, as well as the widest selection of additional and alternative carriers. This means REAL options, REAL choices and the most comprehensive protection. Contact us to find out how we can help you.  Our team of specialists is waiting to hear from you.


Currently Serving:



*If residing in a State not currently being served, we still may be able to help. Contact us today to explore ALL of your options.

Call Healthier Insurance Group Today

Free Phone Consultation

Outstanding Service

Schedule your FREE phone consultation today! Rest assured that our part is always very clear - we work for you and your best interests, foremost. Our job is to determine your needs and expectations, educate and share knowledge of options available, then help you to facilitate and qualify for the protections you choose. But it doesn't end there.  We will remain your trusted Advisor for as long as you need and allow us to be.  It doesn't end there - but it does all start right here!

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